Our School Aims

The aims of our school form the foundation of all that we offer our students, parents and the community. The following school aims were agreed in consultation with students, parents, colleagues and Governors. Together we aim to:

  • Enable each individual student to feel happy, healthy, safe, valued and able to achieve their best.
  • Provide a full range of enjoyable, interesting and challenging learning opportunities within and beyond the school day.
  • Offer a caring, orderly and supportive community in which we all treat each other fairly and with respect and to which all feel proud to belong.
  • Develop the self-confidence, self-discipline and self-awareness of our students to help them become independent and responsible global citizens.
  • Promote in students a love of learning through opportunities that encourage them to think, imagine, feel and interact, and that give them control of their learning through choices that meet their individual interests and needs.
  • Prepare students for their future lives and occupations by helping them to achieve the necessary knowledge, skills and understanding in all their areas of study, including the physical, mental, moral, social, cultural and spiritual.
  • Develop students’ economic, business and financial awareness in preparation for their future lives as employers/employees and informed consumers.
  • Make school a pleasant and sustainable environment by ensuring it is safe, clean, stimulating and ecologically supportive.
  • Enable parents to support their child’s learning by actively working with them to ensure each student can progress and succeed.
  • Work in close partnership with our local community so that our many resources and needs can be mutually shared and met.