Dress Code

Our Dress Code

We are proud of our uniform at The Priory School and students are required to conform to a high standards of dress.

We have attempted to define below what is appropriate and reasonable dress for school. By joining The Priory School you accept our definition of what is appropriate; we cannot admit variations to our dress code as this undermines consistency. How your son/daughter dresses for school and leaves home says much about them as individuals and they are also ambassadors for The Priory School in the wider community. We welcome your co-operation.

Specialist items of uniform may be purchased from Hawkins in Hitchin and the North Herts Schoolwear in Letchworth, whilst others may be obtained from school or most major stores.

General Uniform

  • Year 7, 8 and 9: Red V-necked jumper with school emblem – available from Hawkins and North Herts Schoolwear
  • Year 10 and 11: Black blazer with school emblem and an optional a grey V-necked jumper with school emblem (black blazer should be worn at all times)
  • Plain black sturdy school shoes – no trainers, high heels, ‘dolly’ shoes, boots, canvas or bows etc
  • Outdoor coat – no leather, denim, tracksuit tops, cardigans, hooded sweatshirts, leisure-wear tops or body warmers. Also no logos
  • No make-up or jewellery – including any kind of studs or sleepers
  • Optional woollen hat in winter only- baseball caps are not permitted
  • No patterned, no unnaturally dyed hair or hair colouring or shaved heads – minimum cut number 3 and no undercuts or v cuts



  • White blouses (open neck with revers) worn tucked in.
  • Plain black knee length skirts or plain, black parallel trousers boot-cut, straight leg (no buckles, flairs, splits, tight trousers, Lycra, stretch material, skinny fit, pleats, buttons, creases).
  • Plain black socks, white socks or natural/black coloured tights.


  • White shirt worn tucked in
  • School tie – available from Hawkins & North Herts Schoolwear
  • Plain black parallel trousers
  • Plain black or white socks

Sports Kit


  • Red polo top with logo (initials optional).
  • The Priory School fleece – available from Hawkins and North Herts Schoolwear.
  • Black shorts.
  • Trainers – non-marking.
  • Plain black jogging bottoms – only to be worn outside between October and March.
  • Black football socks – to be worn for all activities.


  • Red polo shirt with logo (initials optional)
  • Plain black shorts
  • Trainers
  • Red rugby top – available from Hawkins and North Herts Schoolwear
  • The Priory School fleece – available from Hawkins and North Herts Schoolwear
  • Football boots
  • Black football socks


  • Black polo shirt – to be bought before September from Hawkins
  • Black shorts /leggings/tracksuit bottoms
  • Black football socks
  • Black hooded jumper from Hawkins (optional)

If in doubt, always consult the school before you make any purchase.

No Tracksuits For Boys