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A Level Results 2017

Examination Results 2017

GCSE Results

Year 11 students at The Priory School celebrated good GCSE results in 2017.  Students in 2017 attained qualifications both in numbered grades, as well as the traditional letters of A* to G.

Following changes to English, English Literature and Mathematics GCSE courses, students received their results on a numbered scale from 9 to 1, where 9 is the highest grade. These courses have been written to have more challenging content, with some elements having previously been taught to A Level students.

Of the new grades, the 9 was created to be awarded only to ‘exceptional performers’, so we are delighted that our students achieved 22 of these top grades in the first year of the new examinations.

The  current Attainment 8 score  is 45.9, which is equivalent to an average grade of a Grade C and the Progress 8 score, which shows how much progress students make has not been confirmed for this year, but was  +0.17 in 2016. This means that our students attained just less than one fifth of a GCSE grade higher than national average progress in each of their subjects.

37% of all students in Year 11 in 2017 were entered for the English Baccalaureate.
24% of all students in Year 11 in 2017 achieved the English Baccalaureate.

The percentage of The Priory School students staying in education or employment after Key Stage 4 was 99% in 2017.

The following table shows the percentages of students gaining Grades 9-4 (standard pass) in English and maths and Grades 9-5 (strong pass) in English and maths.

Measure 2017
% 9-5 English 57
% 9-4 English 74
% 9-5 Maths 49.4
% 9-4 Maths 68.4
% 9-5 English and maths 40
% 9–4 English and maths 64.5

Key Stage 5 (16 to 18) examination information 2017

Progress measures:

A Level: -0.08

Academic: -0.08

Applied general: – 0.08

Average grade:

A Level: C+

Academic: C+

Applied general: Dist+

Progress in English and maths at KS5:

In maths, one student re-took the qualification and moved from an E to a D.

In English, two students re-took the qualification and gained their C grade.


A Level: 100% of students complete their main study programme.

Academic: 100% of students complete their main study programme.

Applied general: 92.6% of students complete their main study programme.


92% of the cohort in sustained education, employment or training destination.

53% of the cohort went into higher education.

8% of the cohort went onto an apprenticeship programme.