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The Citizenship and PSHE curriculum is delivered by tutors in one hour a fortnight and through themed tutor weeks.  The Citizenship department plans all the units, and tutors deliver these.  Each half term a new theme is introduced which the whole school studies but a different aspect is examined.

Over the five years at The Priory School students will study a variety of political issues including the importance of voting, the different types of democratic voting, the EU and the different political parties.  They will also examine issues surrounding law and the environment as well as looking at PSHE issues including Drugs Education and Diversity.

Students are taught about their rights and the responsibilities that this brings. The aim of the Citizenship programme is to equip our students with the life skills that they need to help them achieve in the future.

We also run an off timetable day for Year 9 Sex and Relationships Education. This day focuses on providing students with information on how to keep themselves safe as they enter personal relationships. The topics that students study on this day includes Healthy Relationships, STI’s, Pregnancy and Childbirth and Contraception. The issue of ‘consent’ underpins the whole day as students learn about how to conduct healthy adult relationships and ask questions in a safe and informed environment.

We also run a trip to the Houses of Parliament in Year 8. This trip gives students the opportunity to tour the Palace of Westminster, engage in an interactive workshop based on laws and rights and if the diary permits it, meet the local MP and ask questions about local and national issues. The trip gives the students the insight into how laws are made in our country and impresses upon them the democratic approach that we have.


  • Year 9 PSHE Day
  • Student Leadership Council
  • In order to keep up to date in Citizenship students should ensure that they regularly watch / read / listen to the news.


  • Politics
  • Public Sector jobs including Social Worker, Police Officer and Teacher
  • International Aid / Development Officer
  • Youth Officer
  • Charity Officer


  • Miss S Mulholland – Acting Head of Department


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