Jesus Christ Superstar 2


Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3 students have an hour in the Drama Department every two weeks and they are introduced to the key formal elements in drama through group and individual work.

Key Stage 4

BTEC  First in Performing Arts (acting)

Students study Unit 1 Individual Showcase which is marked externally, Unit 2 Preparation, Performance and Production which is marked internally. Also one other internally assessed unit which is Unit 3 Acting Skills. The students study approaches to developing devised and scripted drama in a vocational setting through assignments and various practical outcomes.

Key Stage 5

We study the BTEC Extended Certificate in Performing Arts which focuses on acting. This is the equivalent of an A Level but it involves considerably more performance content. Students work in a vocational context and perform devised and scripted plays. The approach is varied with both traditional and experimental content.


We have regular visits to performances and lunchtime and after school clubs. We run whole school productions which are open to all and the examination students perform regularly to an audience with a varied repertoire. Recent trips have been to see Othello, Blood Brothers, The Curious Incident of The Dog in the Night time and many other local or more obscure productions at various venues in the Three Counties.We produce a musical every 2 years which involves a variety of students with different levels of experience and a Staff and Sixth Form satirical pantomime in December.

We have a whole school production every two years. Our last production was Jesus Christ Superstar and in 2019 we are excited to be preparing for Sister Act.


Students can apply for university courses in the performing arts and many move on to study anything from Acting to Production Design. Drama is also valued for its transferable skills, including the ability to work in a team and solve abstract problems, which are hugely valuable to anyone involved in managing and communicating with people.


  • Mr Trevor Evans – Head of Department
  • Miss Claudia Follano – Head of Year 9










https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Be35MnjotjA – Please watch from 1.28 as you will be copying this section up until “we’re drawing a line”.


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