Modern Foreign Languages

History 2016 02

Students are taught in tutor groups until Year 8. At the end of Year 7 students who have shown exceptional progress are considered to move to the dual linguist set




The MFL Department organises several cross-curricular activities such as cookery lessons where students can prepare and taste Spanish and French recipes. Our Year 9 students benefit each year from a very entertaining theatre play with native actors (both in French and Spanish).  We aim also to organise a residential trip once a year in Spain or in France.


  • Business Services
  • Education Banking/Finance Wholesale/Retail Sales
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Public Administration
  • Community/Social Services
  • Transport/Communications / Hotels/Restaurants
  • International Organisations
  • Mrs Valérie Mac Manus – Head of Languages
  • Mrs Maria McMahon – 2nd in Languages
  • Mr Robert Freeman – Teacher of Languages and Head of KS3
  • Miss Abigail Mason – Teacher of Languages
  • Miss Sofia Ouskir – Teacher of Languages