Sociology, Psychology & Criminology

Maths VI Form

Sociology is the study of modern British society and its structures. It aims to explain the world around us and how it changes over time. It also looks at the organisations within society and how these influence our lives. Sociology is a subject that requires a very critical view on evidence and it is necessary to be able to see more than one side of the story.

Psychology is the study of mind and behaviour, and bridges the gap between the academic study of the social sciences and the natural sciences. Students are encouraged to develop an understanding of psychological research; the ability to apply this knowledge to real life situations; critically analyse and evaluate the value of psychological research and its credibility as an explanation of human behaviour. Psychology will appeal to students who are curious about people and are interested in exploring the reasons for their behaviour. Psychology students need to be sensitive, open minded and willing to accept that there are no ‘right or wrong’ answers. Psychology is a science with cutting edge research that can be applied to issues we see in everyday life, such as psychological disorders, stress and aggression.

Psychology and Sociology are both very popular subjects. Both are offered at GCSE and A Level, which we run as part of the Consortium.



There are many careers where a qualification in sociology is useful. For example, many sociologists go into social work – community projects, charity work, welfare advisors and other areas of social services. Other careers are civil service, prison officers, journalists, police and teaching. A qualification in sociology will provide you with many key skills, including logical thinking, planning, research and negotiation – all of which can be used in a variety of careers.


A qualification in psychology can often lead to careers in the health industry, these include:

Clinical psychologist, working in outpatient clinics, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, and community and mental health centres in a variety of roles. Alternatively psychology can be useful in a business environment often in a human resources setting or marketing departments. Both the prison service and social services also offer career opportunities for students of psychology.

Extra Curricular Opportunities 

A Level students visit London Zoo for a workshop on how to overcome phobias and a demonstration of systematic desensitisation techniques. Psychology students also take part in a brain day event, in which an external speaker presents information to them about their brains and presents a live dissection of a sheep brain. Year 10 GCSE students visit the History of Education Museum for a half day workshop on changes to the British Education System.


  • Ms Annie Willcox – Head of Department Teacher of Sociology & Psychology
  • Mrs Katie Southall – Teacher of Sociology & Assistant Headteacher
  • Mr Robert Findon – Teacher of Sociology & Psychology
  • Miss Alice Mills – Teacher of Psychology

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