Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones at The Priory School

Our policy at The Priory School, is that students do not carry their mobile phone during the school day (with the exception of 6th formers), under any circumstances.

Whilst we appreciate mobile phones have the potential to act as useful educational tools, we believe it is in the best interests of students that they do not carry them in school.  As well as potentially providing an unwelcome distraction to learning, we have a safeguarding duty to our young people.  The volume of social media usage is undoubtedly a topical issue and one that causes us some concern when it is misused.  These are issues we do not wish to interfere with the academic progress of our students.

Communication with home

Should your child need to communicate a message home, we have an extensive pastoral support team who will help with this. We are happy to phone and/or email throughout the day or after school hours.  Students should seek out their class teacher, form tutor or the pastoral team directly if they need to contact home.

Mobile phones protocols in school

Should you wish for your child to carry a mobile phone while they travel to and from school, the school will support this by securely storing their phone during the day. Students should bring their phone to the Café for collection before registration, placing it in a named bag for easy identification.  Phones can then be collected at 3:30pm from the Café.

If students are found with a phone in their possession during the school day, it will be confiscated and kept in the school safe until a parent comes to school to collect it. A C2b will be issues to students which will result in a 1 hour after school detention.

Safe use of phones

With the increasing usage and popularity of mobile phones, it is worth noting a few points of safety.  We spend time in school educating the students in appropriate use of their phones and e-safety.  However, unfortunately, we are also aware of some serious and potentially dangerous misuse.  We urge parents to monitor the use of their child’s phone, ensuring they are using age-appropriate apps and websites, remembering that social media profiles are not legal for those under the age of 13.  We are also aware that a number of students use their phones, unmonitored, late into the night.  This not only potentially exposes them to further inappropriate material but results in tired and over-stimulated learners.