Financial Support

Financial help can be available to support your child’s education. This can be for school meals, music lessons, school journeys & day trips and support for Sixth Form students. Please follow the link below or contact the finance office on 01462 622300 (ext 212).


Uniform Support

Support for the purchase of school uniforms can be obtained at by contacting the Hitchin Education Foundation via the following person.

Brian Frederick
Clerk to the Hitchin Educational Foundation,
Chaplin Frobisher Welling Ltd.,
33 Birch Close,

SG18 9NR
to whom the completed forms should be returned.

If you have any queries, please contact the Clerk Direct.
Telephone: 01767 313892

School Journeys

Financial support is available for curriculum focussed school journeys. Up to 50% is available for journeys above £10 and for overseas visits, one visit during your child’s time at the school. To be eligible you need to write to the headteacher, Mr G. Edwards.

Free School Meals

If you think you meet the free school meals eligibility criteria, please contact Children Schools and families ether online or call  0300 123 4048 if you live in Hertfordshire,  or call 0300 300 8306 if you live in Bedfordshire.

When you call to apply for free school meals, please have the following information ready:

  • National Insurance numbers and dates of birth for you and your partner
  • Dates of birth for your children
  • If you receive support from the National Asylum Support Service, your NASS number

Please be assured that the process of purchasing a Free School Meal is completely confidential.  Credit will be allocated to a student’s Smart card to purchase a meal of the day in the same way as non-Free School Meal students.