Parent Forum

At The Priory School we value the opinions of our parents. We understand the importance of being able to express your views regarding something as important as the education of your child. As a result, we want to give parents the opportunity to express these views accordingly.

The Parent Forum is a method for parents to offer their thoughts, make suggestions, raise concerns and discuss school related issues.

The week before your child’s parents evening we will ask parents to take part in an online survey. This survey will be live for two weeks, and you will also have the opportunity to complete the survey during the parents evening if you wish.

The parent forum surveys will be live during the following time periods:

  • Year 7 26th April 2018 – 10th May 2018
  • Year 8 25th January 2018 – 8th February 2018
  • Year 9 1st March 2018 – 15th March 2018
  • Year 10 19th April 2018 – 3rd May 2018
  • Year 11 11th January 2018 – 25th January 2018
  • Year 12 20th February 2018 – 6th March 2018
  • Year 13 19th October 2018 – 9th November 2018

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Survey Results

Parent Forum Analysis 2016/2017