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Welcome to the ‘Information for new students’ section. Here you can find out about life at The Priory School, access information that will help you to settle in quickly and answer any questions and point you in the right direction about anything that you are worried or excited about.

Quick Q&A


“ When I first started school I wasn’t as worried as the night before. I was still scared but then I realised everyone was in the same position as me! Everyone was worried and everyone was scared, or at least I hoped they would be. As I got off the bus I met my friends from my old school and none of us knew what to do. We walked along the path and into school. We started our lessons.

5 weeks later…

I’m now here writing this letter in the best form (and of course, school) ever! I’ve made some great friends and I’m no longer worried. No one else is. The school is outstanding; great teachers, great education. You get rewards for hard work. I think I’m going to have great fun here.” William 7NW

“At first I was terrified that I was going to secondary school, I was scared about learning my way around and making new friends. One of these worries was squashed during that first week. Just a few days in, I found out that everyone was so nice and made loads of friends. Also, by the next week I knew everyone in my form and learned my way to all my lessons. I remember constantly trying to remember what was the A block and what was the B block. My favourite subjects are Music, Drama, Tech, Art and Maths.

I have started a few clubs here including drama club and choir. All in all, the Priory is great. There are amazing friends, awesome teachers and a fantastic and funny form tutor.” Lily 7AR

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