School Closure Notification Systems

Dear Parent/Carer

Over the next couple of days the indication is that we may have heavy snow. In preparation for this I would like to remind you of the notification systems we have in place to alert you to any school closure:

  1. You will receive a text message to the mobile telephone number you have provided the school as your contact.
  2. You will receive an email to the email account you have provided the school as your contact.
  3. This information will be listed on The Priory School website at approximately 7am on each day of closure.
  4. Three Counties Radio will list the school as being closed for each day of closure.
  5. Hertfordshire County Council website will show that the school is closed.

When the school reopens this information will be provided on the website and by text and email.

Closing the school is never taken lightly and any decisions are based on the wellbeing of students and staff. The vast majority of the school staff live away from Hitchin and if roads are hazardous I have a duty of care to ensure that they are not exposed to any undue risks.

Indications are that Friday is likely to be the day that will be problematic and these could be the likely scenarios:

  1. The school opens later to allow students and staff to get to school safely – 10.15am start to the school day.
  2. Heavy snow during the late morning will see the school closed early to ensure students can get home – 12.30pm.
  3. The school is closed all day.

Any decisions will be made as soon as possible to enable you to plan for any changes to the school day.

Kind Regards

Geraint Edwards