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The Priory School GCSE Results 2019

The examination results day is a rite of passage that we have been through. The sleepless night beforehand, waking up at an unearthly hour in the morning and then the journey to school is something many of us can remember. There was a definite nervous tension in the air as the students came in to pick up their results. There were tears of joy, hugging teenagers, and proud parents and staff in the school hall.

Once again our Year 11 students have surpassed expectations with some achieving outstanding grades:

  • Phoebe Deller: 7 x Grade 9; 2 x Grade 8; 1 x Grade 7
  • Connor Churchman: 5 x Grade 9; 3 x Grade 8; 2 x Grade 6
  • Billy West: 7 x Grade 9; 4 x Grade 8
  • Lauren Sloane: 8 x Grade 8; 1 x Grade 5
  • Chloe Moriarty: 6 x Grade 9; 2 x Grade 8; 1 x Grade 7
  • Katharine Roberts: 4 x Grade 9; 7 x Grade 8
  • Molly Root: 5 x Grade 9; 5 x Grade 8; 1 x Grade 7
  • Louix West: 5 x Grade 9; 4 x Grade 8; 1 x Grade 7; 1 x Grade 6

Headteacher Geraint Edwards said:

“Our students have overcome the challenges posed by their exams, the ‘moving goal posts’ of grade boundary changes and the chronic underfunding of the secondary school sector. I am proud of their achievements and wish them all the best as they embark on the next stage of their educational journey.”


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