Who We Are

Linked Area / Subject SLT Link To The Area Middle Leader Responsible Governor Link
Assessment & student progress Sandra Hibbert n/a Rowena Crabtree
Behaviour, safety, child protection ,safeguarding, CLA Lawrence Foster n/a Mark Pike
Curriculum (SMSC, British values and sex education) Faye Nearney n/a Rowena Crabtree
Raising Aspirations (careers and worked related learning) Zoe Armitage Sally Emler Mark Pike
Post 16 provision Zoe Armitage n/a Jacky Jones
Teaching & professional development ( literacy & numeracy) Neil Parsons n/a Stella White
Disadvantaged students Katie Southall Stella Brennan Richard Hewgill
SEND Lawrence Foster Kate Emsley Leise Cooper
Student Leadership Katie Southall n/a Leise Cooper
Core Subjects
English Sandra Hibbert Katie Dolling Joe Kearney
Mathematics Sandra Hibbert Malcolm Ward Stella White
Science Sandra Hibbert Richard Blackford Richard Gianfrancesco
Foundation Subjects
Geography Katie Southall Mouri Hall Mark Pike
History Zoe Armitage Nick Wright Jackie Jones
Philosophy & Ethics Zoe Armitage Rachel Moore Tom Moriarty
Psychology & Sociology Katie Southall n/a Leise Cooper
MFL Zoe Armitage Valerie MacManus John Morley
Music Faye Nearney Lindsay Creak Rowena Crabtree
Drama Faye Nearney Trevor Evans Steve Dawson
Art Faye Nearney Trevor Evans Steve Dawson
PE Katie Southall Helen Foy Stella White
Business studies Faye Nearney Lynne Evans David McIntosh
Computing Lawrence Foster Anne Moody John Morley
Design technology Faye Nearney Rachel Loo (Acting) Jacky Jones
Health & Safety Tony Foster n/a Joe Kearney
Governor development Geraint Edwards n/a Richard Hewgill