Student Leadership Committee

At The Priory School we value our students and their opinion on all aspects of school life.  Students are encouraged to form opinions and raise any issues or concerns as well as bring forth their ideas, with the Student Leadership Committee. This is to ensure they are able to have maximum impact within their school community.

In order to become a member of the Student Leadership Committee, students are asked to write an application letter and then there is a selection process involving staff members and the Head boy and Head girl.

The Student Leadership Committee at The Priory School is split into two main sections:

Junior Leadership Committee (JLC)

  • 15 representatives in Key Stage 3
  • 10 representatives in Key Stage 4
  • 10 representatives in Key Stage 5
  • 4 6th form senior representatives

The JLC meet in their respective Key Stage groups once every 6-8 weeks, and these meetings are chaired by the designated 6th form senior prefect. It is the responsibility of the 6th form prefect to set the agenda, manage the meeting and report back to the necessary members of staff and students.

Senior Leadership Committee (SLC)

  • Head Boy – Ben Hankin
  • Head Girl –Georgia Head
  • Deputy Head boy – Molly Hughes
  • Deputy Head girl – Jamie Dear
  • One representative from Key Stage 3
  • One representative from Key Stage 4

The SLC attend the JLC meetings and then the SLC meet as a separate body to discuss the main areas of concern, ideas, issues and/or future plans. The SLC deliver an assembly to all year groups once a term to update the student body on their progress. SLC also attend a Senior Leadership Team meeting once a term on a Tuesday after school to meet with all senior members of staff, including the Headteacher, Mr G. Edwards.


The Key Stage meetings are scheduled once every 6-8 weeks which are chaired by the designated 6th form prefect. The 6th form members of SLC will circulate the Key Stage meetings to ensure that they have an understanding of the priorities in each Key Stage. The 6th form prefects will feed back to the relevant members of staff after each meeting. Working together, they will set the agenda to attend the Senior Leadership Team meetings. Once a term, students will have a specific Teaching and Learning meeting with relevant members of staff to discuss issues around Teaching, Learning and Assessment.

All meetings are scheduled in advance and all members of the Student Leadership Committee will be issued with a membership pack comprising of a diary, job description, contract and calendar of all key dates.

[download_link link=”/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/SLC_dates_2016_2017.pdf” target=”blank”]Student Leadership Committee Dates[/download_link]

Annual Report 2016-17

[download_link link=”/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/SLC_annual_report_2017.pdf” target=”blank”]Student Leadership Committee Annual Report[/download_link]