Attendance and Punctuality

The Sixth Form should be treated as your full-time employment. The working day starts at 8.50am and finishes at 3.30pm. In most places of work, you would be regarded with suspicion if your attendance dropped below 90% unless there were extenuating circumstances. Members of staff within school have to account for their absences and must seek permission to miss school for any reason known in advance; the expectation is that you will do the same.

The majority of reference requests (including UCAS) require us to comment on attendance and punctuality. Persistent lateness and unexplained absences are not acceptable in the Sixth Form.

Whenever possible, please avoid taking family holidays during term time. If this is unavoidable, approval must be sought in advance, by writing to the Head Teacher. It is a matter of common courtesy to seek permission from your tutor and subject teachers for attending open days and driving lessons and tests.

In brief the expectations are that you:

  • Attend school and all lessons punctually.
  • If you are late twice in one week you will be detained for an hour after school.
  • If you are on the Late register and are late you will be detained for an hour after school.
  • You should give advance notice, to both form and subject tutors, of any planned future absence.
  • Telephone the school before 8.50am if you are ill or absent.
  • Provide on the day of return to school, following an absence for illness or personal reasons, a letter of explanation from a parent or guardian.
  • Remain on site from 8.50am until 12.30pm and 1.25pm until 3.30pm.
  • Follow the ‘signing-out’ procedure if leaving school early.
  • Ensure that you complete any missed work on return to school.
  • Sign out with the office if leaving due to illness. (The school office will phone home to inform parents).
  • Sign out if you are attending consortium lessons.
  • Sign in upon your return from consortium lessons.
  • Under no circumstances arrange driving lessons during time-tabled lessons.
  • In the circumstances that there are no lessons at The Priory School, you are expected to attend all Consortium lessons at Hitchin Boys school and Hitchin Girls schools.