Expectations of Post-16 Students

Students are expected to:


  • Attend school and all lessons punctually
  • Give notice in advance, to both Form and Subject Tutors, of any planned future absence
  • Telephone the school before 8.50am in the case of illness/absence
  • Provide on the day of return to school, following an absence for illness or personal reasons, a letter of explanation for a parent/guardian
  • Remain on site from 8.50am until the end of the morning session, utilising private study facilities when not in lessons. Students must remain on site for the afternoon session 1.25pm – 3.30pm
  • Follow the ‘signing out’ procedure if leaving school early
  • Ensure that any work/assignment missed is completed on return from a period of absence
  • Sign out with the school office if leaving due to illness. (The school office will phone home to inform parents)
  • Under no circumstances arrange driving lessons during time-tabled lesson times
  • Dental and medical appointments must be arranged outside time-tabled lesson times.

Study & Extra-Curricular Participation

  • Devote a significant amount of time each week to independent study. This will include consolidation of work done in class and wider reading or research. For each hour of lessons you have, we expect you to complete an hour of work outside lessons
  • Participate in all activities specifically arranged for Sixth Formers by departments
  • Undertake no more than 10 hours per week paid employment during term time
  • Represent the school, if selected, in sports, music or other extra-curricular activities
  • Become involved in community activities such as Prefect, In-Class support, Paired Reading, LRC Support, Mentoring etc.

Regulations and Procedures

  • Abide by the school ‘Code of Conduct’ as displayed
  • Behave in an appropriate manner as a senior member of the school
  • Read the ‘Daily Notice Board’ immediately on arrival at school
  • Dress appropriately for study at school, avoiding extremes of fashion, immodest and inappropriate forms of dress, as outlined in detail in the Post 16 Code of Dress guide. Avoid extremes of hairstyle, with no extreme artificial dying of hair
  • Ensure that personal stereos or mobile phones are only used within the Sixth Form area and switched off in all lessons and meetings

For Drivers

  • Drive with due care and park with consideration for local residents
  • Register the number plates, make and colour of any car driven to school