Off Premises Study

Year 12 are expected to remain in school during the morning and afternoon sessions at all times, except when they are studying at consortium schools’. If you wish to go out of school at these times for any other reason, then you should request permission from the Head of Sixth or Assistant Head of Sixth.

Year 13 may have the privilege of progress check time beginning prior to the October half term. This facility will only be available to those of you who have made a satisfactory start to the year and provided you have a satisfactory interim report.

A form for nominating progress check periods is available from the Head of Sixth and you should complete this and arrange for it to be signed by one of your parents. After it has been signed, please return it to your Form tutor, who will enter the information into the register and then hand the form to the Head of Sixth. You are expected to use progress check time for the purpose of study and not for extended lunch breaks or paid employment.

Another opportunity for a further session of progress check time will be made available prior to Christmas, provided that the Head of Sixth and parents feel that this facility has been useful and that you are maintaining your progress.