Power To Perform

We understand that the exam period is a busy and stressful time. This webpage is designed to help you develop strategies to cope with the exam period so you are fully prepared to perform at your best.

Managing a busy life when you are studying can be challenging but there are many areas which you can control to help you perform better when it comes to exam time. The student booklet will explain each area and allow you to focus, set yourself a plan and work towards being prepared in the best possible way.

It is also very important that you are looking after your own mental and physical well-being.  Part of that is eating right and sleeping well.  There is a recipe booklet here which has suggested foods that you can eat for maximum impact and also when you should be eating them.

For parents this is an equally stressful time and sometimes it is difficult to know how to best support your child.  The parent booklet has 10 top tips to support your child which we hope that you find helpful.

We wish you all the best of luck in the upcoming exams!

Mrs Armitage and the 6th Form Team

Prepare To Perform Student Booklet

Stamina For Students

Top 10 Tips To Support Your Child

Power To Perform Recipe Booklet

Revision Techniques