Private Study

Private study time is a period of time when you do not have a timetabled lesson. You should be consolidating what is done during teaching time. Research and in-depth study, reading around a topic, note making, organising notes and writing essays are all tasks best carried out at school, where there are resources and staff available to you.

Good use of private study requires a self-disciplined approach. Take the initiative by developing your use of this time. Plan a schedule of things to do and also where to work. Your subject teachers will set you work on a regular basis, to be done without their supervision. If you regard your study time as ‘homework time’ and not as ‘free time’, then you will start to use your time more effectively.

Use of study time will be the greatest challenge to many of you and those of you who do not use study time properly may fail to meet deadlines for work or produce work of lower quality. Students at all levels will have sufficient work to keep them occupied and disruption of others will not be tolerated.


Advanced level students should spend at least five hours per subject, each week on private study.

BTEC National Students

A successful BTEC student should do up to twelve hours per week.

BTEC Intermediate Students

A successful intermediate BTEC student should do up to ten hours per week.

Paid Work

We encourage you to have some first- hand experience of the ‘world of work’, but a balance is the most important feature. In our experience, if you are carrying out more than eight hours paid work each week, then that would be a cause for concern. Under no circumstances, will we tolerate you missing school commitments because of paid work.

Off Premises Study

Year 12 students are expected to remain in school at all times during the morning and afternoon sessions, except when they are studying at consortium schools. If you wish to go out of school at these times for any other reason, then you should request permission from the Head of Sixth or the Assistant Head of Sixth.

Year 13 may have the privilege of off premises study time from the October half term. This will only be available to those of you who have made a satisfactory start to the year and have a satisfactory progress check.

A form requesting off premises study periods is available from the Head of Sixth and you should complete this form and get it signed by one of your parents. Please return it to your form tutor, who will enter the information into the register. You are expected to use off premises study time appropriately and not for extended lunch breaks or paid employment.

Another opportunity for a further session of off premises study time will be made available after Christmas, provided this facility has been used appropriately and you are maintaining your progress. The same system of forms, parental consent and Form tutor entering the information will be used.