If you need to contact the school, please use the relevant email address below and we will be in contact as soon as possible. We aim to respond to all emails within 48 hours. If it is an urgent matter, you can contact the school on 01462 622300 (1 – student absence; 2 – pastoral, head of year and detentions; 3 – 6th form; 4 – personnel and job vacancies; 5 – finance; 0 – reception).



Senior Leadership Team

Mr Geraint Edwards
Mrs Faye Nearney
Deputy Headteacher – Curriculum & Safeguarding
Mr Lawrence Foster
Deputy Headteacher – Behaviour & Attendance
Mr Tony Foster
Business Manager
Miss Claudia Follano
Assistant Headteacher – Student Wellbeing & Mental Health
Mrs Sandra Hibbert
Assistant Headteacher – Data & Assessment
Mr Neil Parsons
Assistant Headteacher – Student Progress (Academic)
Ms Fiona Rosler
Assistant Headteacher – Teaching & Learning
Miss Emma Sangster
Headteacher’s PA & HR


Essential Contacts

Mrs Samita Baga
Finance Manager
Mrs Angela Benucci
Learning Support
Mrs Sam Brazier
KS3/4 Senior Pastoral Manager
Mrs Janine Cane
Examinations Manager
Mrs Pauline Higgs
Absence and Attendance
Mrs Lynne Luckman
KS5 Pastoral Manager
Mr David McIntosh
Chair Of Governors
Mrs Faye Nearney
DSP (Designated Senior Person for Child Protection)
Mr Neil Parsons
DPO (Data Protection Officer)



Heads of Year

Mr Rob Freeland
Head of Key Stage 3 (Years 7, 8 & 9)
Mrs Elizabeth White
Head of Key Stage 4 (Years 10 & 11)
Mrs Angharad Harrison
Head of Year 7
Mr Rob Findon
Head of Year 8
Miss Alex Duric
Head of Year 9
Mr Cameron Omar
Head of Year 10
Mr Aron Carr
Head of Year 12
Mr Nick Wright
Head of Year 13


Heads of Department

Dr Richard Blackford
Head of Science
Mrs Rachel Blacklaws
Head of Design Technology
Miss Lorena Carrion-Perez
Head of MFL
Mrs Lindsay Creak
Head of Music
Mr Richard Cussen
Head of History
Miss Katie Dolling
Head of English
Mrs Kate Emsley
Head of Special Educational Needs
Mrs Lynne Evans
Head of Business Studies
Mr Trevor Evans
Head of Art & Design / Drama
Miss Helen Foy
Head of PE
Mr Alex Greenwood
Head of Maths
Mrs Mouri Hall
Head of Geography
Miss Carly Watkins
Head of Philosophy & Ethics
Miss Annie Willcox
Head of Social Sciences




School Address

The Priory School
Bedford Road

01462 622300