School Trips

Learning Outside the Classroom and Enrichment Opportunities

Stepping outside of the usual classroom environment and bringing a subject to life comes with its own unique excitement and thrill for students, that undeniable ‘school trip feeling’. According to OFSTED, external, interactive learning activities tie learning to personal experiences and memories, helping students develop a deeper understanding of subjects and topics. This often promotes better behaviour, achievement and involvement back in the classroom.

Educational trips allow students to experience, witness and understand different cultures and learn more about the lives of others, both now and throughout history. When exposed to different cultures, races and religions students can develop a crucial understanding that despite differences in views, languages, appearances, religions and cultural traditions we are all the same, simply Humans with emotions, rights and opinions.

This year we will be organising a range of educational trips, both day and residential. Some trips are directed towards specific year groups and specific curriculum areas.

We are a provider for Duke of Edinburgh and students can participate in Bronze from Year 9 and then move on to Silver and Gold. At the end of Year 9, students are able to participate in a two-week World Challenge adventure to Morocco and in the 6th form they are able to enrol on a ‘long haul’, month-long expedition.

Autumn Term
English TripAwaiting information
Drama Theatre TripKinky Boots, Milton Keynes£18
Geography TripIceland£815
Sociology TripConference
Drama Theatre TripMK Six£25
Y11 English Theatre TripAn Inspector Calls£28
Y12 GeographyConference£20
Y10 Reward Trip Bowling£10
Y11 Reward Trip Air Jump£15
Spring Term
Y10 Theatre Trip Beauty and the Beast£15
Y10 English Poetry Live£15
Art tripLondon Galleries£25
History Trip Berlin£150
Y10 Science Trip Awaiting information
Outward Bound Trip Skiing£950
Geography Trip Sorrento£750
Y11 Reward Trip Bowling£10
Y10 Reward trip Air Jump£15
Science Trip Geneva£720
Summer Term
Y11 Trip Body World£33
Y10 Trip Hunstanton£12
Y9 Rewards Trip Awaiting information
Y12 Geography Field Trip Slapton Leigh£180
Y10 Reward Trip Awaiting information
Music Choir Trip Canada£1800
MFL TripFrance£700
MFL TripSpain£700
Y7 Bushcraft TripHertfordshire£180
World ChallengeMorocco£2500

Financial support is available to curriculum trips and one overseas trip from the Hitchin Education Foundation contactable via the school’s finance office.