Student Wellbeing and Personal Development

Here at The Priory School we are keen to cultivate the emotional, physical and cognitive development of our students. This work pervades all areas of the community from the delivery of the curriculum to the support the year teams provide.

Year Groups

Each year group has a team consisting of form tutors, a Head of Year and an Assistant Head of Year. This team moves with the student from Year 7 to Year 11 allowing time for the building of relationships and trust. In addition, there are non-teaching pastoral staff: Julie Laycock (Wellbeing Manager) and Sam Brazier (Attendance & Behaviour Manager). The team tracks the academic progress of each student and they liaise with Lawrence Foster (Deputy Headteacher Behaviour & Attendance) and Claudia Follano (Assistant Headteacher for Student Wellbeing) as well as the Heads of Department in order to ensure that appropriate interventions are in place to support our students.

The team closely monitors and supports the emotional wellbeing of the students in their year group.

Emotional and Physical Wellbeing Surveys

All students in Years 7 to 13 will complete GOVOX Wellbeing Surveys. The survey is composed of questions that have been discussed and modified based on the needs of our students. Results of these surveys are closely analysed by the Head of Year and Wellbeing team in order to ensure that students are receiving the support that they need and that whole school issues are being addressed. Actions are agreed with the Wellbeing Manager and SLT to ensure quick intervention is in place.

Support and Information

At school, we have a dedicated Wellbeing base that students can use for break and lunchtime “drop ins” as well as to access 1:1 mentoring and counselling support. This resource is invaluable and has enabled students to worry less and engage with their learning. We have a range of external services that work in school to deliver counselling, drama therapy as well as CBT.

We utilise services such as Phase, Step 2, GRIT, CAMHS and Tilehouse Counselling to name a few. We are also lucky enough to be the base school for a Mental Health Support Team for the whole of North Herts. This means we have an NHS team on site at all times to support and enhance the wellbeing of staff and students, as well as supporting with CPD for staff.

Our in-house provision is excellent. We have a Wellbeing Manager who is also a fully qualified counsellor (Julie Laycock). We are also a successful counselling placement school where we accept Level 4 and Level 5 trainee counsellors. Our in-house Wellbeing team works with students, parents and staff.

Students also receive assemblies and form time sessions around wellbeing and mental health. Annually, we run a wellbeing day for our main feeder primary schools and we have events such as wellbeing week, feeling good week and a mental health awareness fair.

Staff receive training in LGBT+ support and self-harm awareness. The staff team regularly review the training needs of staff, ensuring the pastoral staff in particular receive Mental Health First Aid training. Every half term parents have an opportunity to attend “parent information evenings” on topics such as the teen brain, LGBTQ+, Online Safety, general wellbeing, CAMHS services, exam support and dealing with anxiety. In early 2020, we were lucky enough to welcome Professor John Coleman to school to deliver a session to both parents and staff on the teen brain.

For more information and support, please see the full list of websites and material detailed below in the parent section.


Citizenship (delivered during form time) and RSHE incorporate mental health and physical health. The RSHE curriculum starts with discussions around the 5 Ways to Wellbeing and how students can actively use them to support their own wellbeing. Year 9 also have a sex education day (for more information please see the RSHE & Citizenship section of the website).

If you would like more information on our RSHE & Citizenship programme please contact us.

Student Leadership

As part of our offering outside the classroom and to aid the development of the whole child, we have an extensive range of opportunities for students to get involved with leadership roles at TPS. These span the whole student cohort and students from years 7 to 13 can get involved, whatever their skill set. We hope that in providing leadership opportunities our students can go on to present themselves with confidence in their classrooms, college and job interviews and beyond. Below is a list of current leadership roles that students can apply for.


If you are looking for more information to look after your own wellbeing and emotional health or you feel you need some support, this is a comprehensive list of services, websites and charities that are able to give you the support, information and help that you need.

Student Directory of Services 2020

Teen Brain Parental Resource

Parent Tip No. 1 – Five Ways to Wellbeing

Looking After Yourself During Your GCSEs

How To Look After Your Mental Health

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