Careers Education and Guidance

Listed below is an idea of the support that you can expect in the Sixth Form as a part of careers education and guidance programme:

  1. After your GCSE exams there will be an opportunity for you to discuss your future on the basis of your actual results. The Assistant Head of Sixth will interview the vocational students and the Head of Sixth will interview the A level students.
  2. You may also wish to have a taster of your chosen career by requesting a period of work shadowing. If you are unable to arrange this, then see a member of the Sixth Form support team for help.
  3. BTEC National students have a two-week period of work experience in June/July of their first year.
  4. You may choose to discuss your chosen career with the Head of Sixth, Assistant Head of Sixth or a member of the Sixth Form support team. Alternatively you may wish to approach the Head of Careers for further details.
  5. The Connexions library has information about careers and universities.
  6. Many Sixth Form students choose to progress onto higher education and details of this process can be found in the section on UCAS application procedure.
  7. Finally when the results of the public examinations are published, members of the Sixth Form team will be available to discuss any changes to your plans, which may have resulted.