The Priory Cafe

The Priory School café is open from 7am to 1.15pm Monday to Friday and provides a selection of hot and cold food for breakfast, break time and lunch.

Breakfast is free to all Priory School students from 7.15am and we provide a variety of cereals, toast and milk. The café provides a warm and safe environment for the children to wait in before school if they arrive early. We encourage all students to eat a nutritious breakfast before school so please let your child know this is available.

Break lasts 20 minutes and falls between 10.30am and 11.30am depending on year group. A range of snacks is provided.

Lunch is served between 12.30pm and 1.15pm.

  • Main meal £1.65, with one side £1.80, with 2 sides £2

There is also an ‘eat as much as you like’ salad bar. A regular salad costs £1.50 and a side salad added to a meal deal above costs £0.80. Pasta with sauce costs £1.60 (with cheese and sauce £1.70) and filled jacket potatoes are also available.

We also provide a range of filled sandwiches and wraps priced at £2.05 and baguettes and paninis at £2.25. Fruit ‘bags’, yoghurts, cakes and other snack items can be purchased individually. Water is provided all day and juice cartons for £0.80.

The staff are all fully trained and have Level 2 NVQ in food processing and cooking, or the equivalent.


Winter Menu 2023 Week 1

Winter Menu 2023 Week 2

If our current menus do not cater for your child’s individual needs we can usually accommodate any special dietary requirements they may have, simply contact our Cafe Manager, Sue Gardner, on 01462 622300 to discuss any special arrangements you may need.

The Priory School café uses a Smartcard System so you can buy meals and snacks. These cards are also used for ID and printing. You can pay money onto the Smartcard via Scopay payments.

Snack Food Prices 2023

Lunchtime Cafe Prices 2023

Food Allergy Regulations – Natasha’s Law