At The Priory School Sixth Form, we have high standards for our students. We are preparing them for adulthood and the workplace and our policies reflect that.


Good attendance is vital to academic success. Our school target for all students is a minimum of 96%. We will monitor attendance weekly and contact students and parents where we feel there is a concern. 

Reporting an Unplanned Absence

Students or parents need to contact Mrs Higgs, our attendance officer, by 9.30am on the day of absence. This can be via email ( or via telephone (01462 622300 – option 1: student attendance). Should the student send the email, they must copy their parents in. 

Requesting a Planned Absence

From time to time the need will arise to request a pre-planned absence. Absences are authorised for reasons such as:

  • A medical appointment that cannot be made outside of school hours
  • A university open day
  • A work experience opportunity
  • A driving lesson (when taken in an afternoon independent study session)

Should your child need to request a planned absence, they will need to complete the Pre-Planned Absence Request Google Form, 48 hours in advance. This can also be found on the Sixth Form Google Classroom. A member of the sixth form will be in touch via email within 48 hours of the request, either authorising the absence or asking students to meet to discuss the absence further. Parents will be copied in on this email. 


We expect that all students attend form time and lessons on time. Students who receive two late marks in a week will be given a one-hour Sixth Form Detention. 

Dress Code

A dress code is necessary in the Sixth Form for several reasons. A smart, professional appearance encourages an appropriate attitude to the day’s work. It conveys an appropriately mature and purposeful image to all staff and visitors. It sets high standards for students lower down the school to aspire to and it is excellent preparation for the world of professional work after sixth form. Students are responsible for following the standards of dress and appearance laid down in this code. The Head of Sixth Form, form tutors and all staff will be responsible for ensuring the dress code is adhered to by all members of the sixth form.

Our dress code is as follows:

  • Suit – i.e. jacket with complementary tailored trousers, tailored skirt or dress no more than 1 inch above the knee (no shorts)
  • Shirt, smart top or blouse without logos (no polo shirts)
  • Students wearing a shirt must also wear a tie
  • A smart plain jumper may be worn in colder weather (no hoodies or sweatshirts)
  • Smart shoes (not trainers or other thick-soled casual shoes).  No excessively high heels. No knee-high boots.
  • Vest tops and tops that reveal midriffs and cleavage are not suitable.
  • One pair of earrings and one simple nose stud are allowed. No other piercing can be worn.
  • Hair should be of a natural and not extreme colour.

Students not adhering to the dress code will receive a formal warning on the first occasion, an hour after school detention on the second occasion, and sent home and expected to return to school the same day properly attired on the third occasion. Missing lessons would be regrettable but it is vital that standards are maintained.

SMART Cards & Lanyards

At the beginning of Year 12, students will be given a SMART card and lanyard. This not only allows them to purchase food from our cafe and access printing facilities, it is also an important form of identification. We expect that students wear these when moving around each of the three consortium schools. Replacements can be ordered through our Key Stage 5 Manager. 

Independent Study & Home Working

All students are expected to be on school site and working between the hours of 8.50am and 3.30pm. Where they do not have a timetabled lesson, they will be expected to be completing independent study. Students can work in our study centre or other spaces around the school site. Students with no concerns on their most recent report will be granted home study in the afternoons should they find this beneficial. Where concerns have been raised, students will attend supervised study sessions to help them manage their time. These arrangements will be reviewed at each reporting point. 


Our sixth form drivers should drive with due care and park only in the lower area of the school car park.

Complete the Sixth Form Driver Google Form to register your number plate, make and colour of your car or moped. This is available on the Google Classroom.

We accept no responsibility for your vehicle or its passengers.

You should not be asked, and must not volunteer, to act as a chauffeur for other students on school trips or business.

BYOD Device

Please be aware that The Hitchin Consortium Schools operates a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ policy for laptops/Chromebooks, if your child has difficulties accessing this technology, please let the  sixth form team know. We expect that devices are taken to every lesson, fully charged. 

Paid Employment

We ask that students undertake no more than 10 hours of paid employment a week alongside their studies. Financial support is available for students should they require it to undertake their sixth form studies.