To complement students’ academic progress we are proud to offer a comprehensive and rewarding enrichment programme for our sixth formers. As part of their fortnightly timetable, all of our students take part in a range of activities to support the development of their unique talents and abilities and prepare them to become engaged and responsible members of the community. 

Form Time

Our experienced form tutors are perfectly placed to provide mentoring and guidance to students, providing a daily point of contact for their administrative, pastoral and academic support. Form time activities include: 

  • A bespoke scheme of work based around the VESPA principles (Vision, Energy, Systems, Performance & Attitude) which equips students with the metacognitive skills to take full ownership of their learning. 
  • Exploring ‘Big Questions’ in philosophy, ethics and current affairs in British society, preparing our learners to become active citizens who feel empowered to contribute to their communities.
  • Dedicated time for students to reflect on their learning and plan out their independent study for the week ahead, guided by their form tutors.

Attendance at form time is mandatory unless a student has a consortium lesson during period 1, in which case they should head to their consortium lesson instead to be registered.

Monday: 8.50am

Tuesday: 8.50am

Wednesday: 9am

Thursday: 8.50am

Friday: 9am

RSHE & Enrichment Sessions

Once a fortnight students attend a lesson in RSHE. These sessions explore issues that are directly relevant to our students as young adults and are based around resources tailor-made by our RSHE team. A second session each fortnight is set aside for enrichment activities that allow our students to broaden their horizons and access essential life skills. Students will also participate in a few off-timetable days each year for focussed enrichment activities run by staff and external providers. Students will hear from guest speakers as well as attend a variety of workshops, with topics addressed including:

  • Road safety with Learn to Live
  • Building and maintaining healthy relationships with the School of Sex Education
  • Careers talks from professionals in a broad range of fields
  • Essential budgeting and finance skills
  • Accessing Massive Online Open Courses
  • Black history month and Pride month

If an RSHE session clashes with a student’s consortium lesson they should attend their consortium class. Otherwise, attendance at all RSHE and Enrichment sessions is mandatory.

Fitness & Welbeing

Taking part in physical exercise is a vital part of maintaining wellbeing that we encourage all of our students to take ownership of. Moreover, participating in physical activity has a clear impact on students’ learning, improving concentration, memory and resilience. As part of their regular timetable all students will participate in fitness and wellbeing sessions, choosing from a wide variety of activities that most suit their interests. This includes playing team sports, exercise classes, or time allotted for gym sessions. 

Levelling Up

Many of our sixth form students aspire to enrol in highly competitive programmes when they leave school. Whether it be studying medicine, enrolling in Oxford or Cambridge, or undertaking a prestigious degree level apprenticeship, we are committed to helping our students realise their aspirations. As part of our Levelling Up programme, we work closely with our Oxbridge link colleges – Balliol College, Oxford and Gonville and Caius, Cambridge – and other external providers to help develop the strengths and skills students will need to thrive in their chosen courses. For specific subjects students are also directed towards stretch and challenge resources, enriching their broader subject knowledge and helping channel their passions and interests.

DofE & World Challenge

As part of our school-wide outdoor education programming, many of our sixth formers each year take part in the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award and the World Challenge. 

The Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award takes a minimum of 12 months to complete. Students build their own programme of activities in five areas: physical, skills, volunteering, a residential trip and a four-day expedition. TPS’ outdoor education team supports all Duke of Edinburgh participants and meetings are held once a week. 

World Challenge offers students opportunities to visit and explore incredible locations all around the world. World Challenge finds sustainable ways for students to explore and travel and students develop independence in raising funds for their trips. Last year, nine of our Year 12  students took up the challenge and visited Nepal for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  

For enquiries about the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award or World Challenge please email Mr Robert Findon.


TPS students have the opportunity to take part in a programme run in conjunction with Phase where our sixth formers deliver resilience workshops to primary school students. The Grow programme has proven a fantastic resource for our sixth formers to build leadership skills, understand how to develop resilience in themselves and others, and give back to their local community.