Governor Commitment

The purpose of this document is to ensure that current members of the TPS Governing Board and those who may be considering membership have a clear and common understanding of the expectations of Governors. This is not meant to be an exhaustive document, nor is it intended to describe the values of the Governing Board. It simply lays out what is involved in being a Governor at TPS.

All Governors at TPS agree to:

  1. Join at least one committee.
  2. Attend all Full Governing Board meetings and Committee meetings. Exceptional circumstances can arise and Governors will, if necessary, give their apologies to the Committee Chair or Chair of Governors at the earliest opportunity.
  3. Be a Link Governor to at least one area and make at least one visit during school time to that area per year – a visit per term would be ideal but each Governor will need to liaise with their area and, within the limitations of their other commitments, agree a reasonable interval for contact.
  4. Respond in a timely way to emails.
  5. Contribute actively and constructively in meetings.
  6. Support key school events – at minimum, either helping at Open Evening or Presentation Assembly or one other event per year.
  7. Bring the School Improvement Plan (SIP) to all Governing Board and Committee meetings.
  8. Undertake at least one training and one cluster training per year.
  9. Come prepared to meetings.
  10. Read documents and raise issues which may require further information in advance of meetings.
  11. Participate in at least one ad hoc group at least every other year – e.g. Head’s Performance Appraisal Review, Exclusions or Recruitment panels.