KS3 Information

Years 7 to 9, which form Key Stage 3, are crucial and exciting years in a child’s education. Students are exposed to new people, new ways of working, new subjects and new challenges. At The Priory School, we are proud of the progression our students make through Key Stage 3 and the opportunities they have open to them. In the classroom, students study Drama, Art, Technology, Languages and among others, Music, in ways in which they haven’t before. Maths, English and Science remain a core focus of our curriculum too, as we prepare young people for their transition to Year 10 and their GCSE years. Outside the classroom, our Raising Aspirations team begin work to encourage students to consider what education and work pathways they may like to move down in the future. School trips, clubs and productions are also part of lower school life. Our Student Council allow students to experience planning, voting, democracy and presenting in a way in which they won’t have before.

All of this and more form part of an exciting diet of activities and experiences for all students to access. Parents will receive regular communication home to inform you of how your child is progressing.

Slides from Post 14 Pathways Evening March 2023

Post 14 Learning Pathways Letter 2

Post 14 Learning Pathways Letter 3

Parent and Student Guide KS3 Assessment Booklet 2022-2023