Student Leadership Team

Head Student Team

The Priory School’s head student team serves as role models for all of our students and represents our study body to parents and the wider community. The duties of the head student team include giving presentations about student life at open evenings, greeting visitors and conducting school tours, organising and overseeing the work of the sixth form prefect team, and reporting how our students’ voice has impacted sixth form life to school governors. Applications for the head Ssudent roles open in the summer term for Year 12 each year, and students appointed serve throughout Year 13.

Jessica Halford Head Student
Daniel Baverstock Head Student
Molly Deane Deputy Head Student
Jessica Astill Deputy Head Student
Kirsty Warren Deputy Head Student

Welcome Message from Head Students

Hello, I’m Daniel and it is my honour to be able to introduce myself as one of the Head Students here at The Priory School. Choosing to stay on at The Priory School for sixth form was an easy decision for me. Over the last six years this school has provided me with a safe and comfortable learning environment, surrounded by teachers who want me to succeed. I am studying Maths, Biology and Chemistry for A level, whilst continuing many extracurriculars in and out of school.

Hello, I’m Jess and I’m delighted to be one of the Head Students for this academic year! I currently study French, Music and History (some of which are joint-taught at Hitchin Boys’ School and Hitchin Girls’ School, making my sixth form experience slightly different compared to lower down the school, but no less enriching), and I also completed my EPQ last year; next year, I hope to go on to read French and Spanish at university. I also participate widely within the musical ensembles offered at The Priory School, which have allowed me to network and bond with students from across the school and provided me with a range of wonderful opportunities and experiences. 

We are so excited to be representing TPS in our roles this year, as ever since Year 7 we have loved our time here. The school has given us so many incredible opportunities that have helped to shape our personal development and given us experiences that we will never forget. We hope that you too will be able to take full advantage of these opportunities and take strides towards your future.

The environment here at sixth  form is quite different to the main school; our classes are smaller, providing us with more directed learning, and we are taught to utilise our study periods and construct personal independence. Here, our sixth form team outlines a curriculum that provides a balance between academic excellence and personal development, allowing us, as the students, to become well-rounded and successful individuals.

The level of support we have received has also been amazing, and the community both within the sixth form and across the wider school (including relationships within the consortium) is fantastic to be a part of. We are honoured to be given the chance to reciprocate some of that, and to continue to help make the school and the sixth form an exciting and motivating environment to be a part of!

On behalf of the students and staff here at The Priory School we would like to welcome you to our sixth form and secondary school.

Junior & Senior Prefects

The Priory School’s sixth form prefect team plays a proud role leading and representing our students. Prefects are in charge of organising a variety of initiatives connected with all aspects of school life. These include supporting the running of our student leadership council, promoting diversity, equality and sustainability, and celebrating our students’ involvement with arts, STEM subjects and music. For each area of responsibility, a junior (Year 12) and senior (Year 13) prefect will be appointed each year. Each prefect team’s responsibilities will be supported by regular meetings with a dedicated staff liaison. All sixth form students are welcome to apply for prefect positions.