Student Leadership Team

Head Student Team

The Priory School’s head student team serves as role models for all of our students and represents our study body to parents and the wider community. The duties of the head student team include giving presentations about student life at open evenings, greeting visitors and conducting school tours, organising and overseeing the work of the sixth form prefect team, and reporting how our students’ voice has impacted sixth form life to school governors. Applications for the head Student roles open in the summer term for Year 12 each year, and students appointed serve throughout Year 13.

Nyasha Kasinganeti Head Student
Louise Bamigbade Head Student
Olly Barclay Deputy Head Student
Ellie Stallard Deputy Head Student
Sanam Parmar Deputy Head Student

Message from the Head Students

Hi, I’m Louise and I am one of the Head Students for this academic year. I am so excited to work with my fellow students and help make The Priory School the best that it can be. My A Level subjects are Biology, Chemistry and Psychology as well as the one year Core Maths course offered here at TPS. In the future, I am hoping to study and work in the medical field, as I am specifically interested in the areas of psychiatry and psychology. This is something I am passionate about as a career and is something I believe I can achieve aided by the help of the dedicated teachers and staff here, who work earnestly to ensure that every student has the opportunity to achieve their goals no matter how big they seem. I am so honoured to be a part of this head student team and I pray that I can inspire other people to be the best versions of themselves, work hard for the things they want and enjoy their time here at The Priory School.

Hi everyone, I am Nyasha, one of the head students at TPS and I study History, Philosophy and Ethics as well as Sociology in hopes of becoming a barrister after studying at university. I remember my year 6 taster day very clearly. It was daunting but quickly I became familiarised with the staff at the school due to the huge amount of support I received. The Priory offers an array of activities to help students create a tight knit community where we can rely on each other for help, be inclusive and get to know eachother better. The ethos at TPS is all about stepping outside of your comfort zone and pushing your boundaries. The teachers in TPS have supported me throughout my journey with my GCSEs, A Levels and UCAS application, as well as supporting students’ mental health too.

Our sixth form team outlines a curriculum that provides a balance between academic excellence and personal development, allowing us, as the students, to become well-rounded and successful individuals and go out into the community and make a difference.

The level of support we have received has also been amazing, and the community both within the sixth form and across the wider school (including relationships within the consortium) is fantastic to be a part of. We are honoured to be given the chance to reciprocate some of that community spirit, and to continue to help make the school and the sixth form an exciting and motivating place where every student has equal opportunities and a chance for personal growth.

On behalf of the students and staff here at The Priory School we would like to welcome you to our sixth form and secondary school.

Thank you.

Junior & Senior Prefects

The Priory School’s sixth form prefect team plays a proud role leading and representing our students. Prefects are in charge of organising a variety of initiatives connected with all aspects of school life. These include supporting the running of our student leadership council, promoting diversity, equality and sustainability, and celebrating our students’ involvement with arts, STEM subjects and music. For each area of responsibility, a junior (Year 12) and senior (Year 13) prefect will be appointed each year. Each prefect team’s responsibilities will be supported by regular meetings with a dedicated staff liaison. All sixth form students are welcome to apply for prefect positions.