Outdoor Education

Resilience, Respect and Responsibility are at the core of the Priory School’s Outdoor Education programme. We aim to give all students the opportunity to experience life changing experiences in the outdoors throughout their time at school.

Year 7

At the end of Year 7, all students have the opportunity to join us on our annual trip with The Bushcraft Company. Here students solidify the friendships they have made over the last year as well as developing new skills, such as fire lighting, shelter building and outdoor cooking. More information can be found at The Bushcraft Company’s website: http://www.thebushcraftcompany.com/.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is the world’s most recognised non-academic award. Universities and employers see it as evidence of a young person’s resilience and self-development. For each level of the award student’s complete a volunteering, physical and skills section over a period of time, before challenging themselves with a final expedition section. The award can be completed at three levels Bronze, Silver and Gold. Students can begin their Bronze Award in Year 9, their Silver award in Year 10 and their Gold award in Year 12. At The Priory School we are committed to offering this opportunity to as many students as possible. All of our expeditions are run by highly experienced staff from within the school, rather than relying on outside providers which allows us to make our expeditions as affordable as possible.

Time scales:

Award Level Timescale for Completing Volunteering, Physical and Skills section Timescale for Expedition
Bronze 6 months 2 days, 1 night
Silver 12 months 3 days, 2 nights (+2 travelling days)
Gold 12-18 Months 4 days, 3 nights ( +2 travelling days)


World Challenge

Every year we offer students the opportunity to travel with the market leaders in overseas school’s expeditions. A World Challenge expedition is more than just a school trip. Students take a lead role in planning the expedition which will include a trekking phase, a community interaction phase and a rest and relaxation phase. These expeditions give students the opportunity to explore a range of exciting and exotic destinations, as well as learn key skills such as budgeting and organisation. Students are supported in raising the money for the expedition themselves and we have a fantastic track record of students achieving their fundraising totals.  In July 2017 42 students travelled from The Priory School to The Indian Himalayas, where they completed a trek at over 4,000m above sea level.

We alternate our expeditions between a 2 week ‘short haul’ and a four week ‘long haul’ expedition. In 2018 we sent teams to Morocco and in 2019 we will be going to Mongolia. Within the next year we will have also launched our expeditions for 2020 and 2021, giving as many students the opportunity to get involved as possible.


The Climbing Wall

The Priory School is able to offer students the opportunity to learn the exciting sport of Rock Climbing on the schools own custom built, indoor climbing wall. In P.E lessons students learn the skills of bouldering and spotting, before being given the opportunity to join the schools popular climbing club. Students can also secure exclusive use of the wall as a prize in the schools rewards store. With multiple members of staff being qualified on the wall, we are lucky to be able to ensure that every students has the opportunity to challenge themselves and scale the wall.


  • Rob Findon: DofE Lead Person
  • Tony Foster: DofE Silver Lead
  • Claire Gormill: DofE Bronze Lead
  • Deborah Stokes: World Challenge Short Haul Lead
  • Sam Hankin: Climbing Wall Instructor
  • Bret Coverdale: Climbing Wall Instructor
  • Cameron Omar: Climbing Wall Instructor