First Few Weeks

For the first few weeks we have some of the older students, we call them peer mentors, take you around to all of your lessons until you find your way around, but who better to tell you more about the first few weeks than our current Year 7s – this is what they have to say about starting at The Priory School:

“The best thing about secondary school is it makes you more confident, there are lots of things to do at lunchtime, loads of clubs, I am never bored.  Go and have some fun”.

“There are many more fun activities and lessons here at secondary school and more teachers and new subjects that I have never done before like product design.”

“It was easy to make new friends on induction day, especially if you are not very sociable and a bit shy.  I would recommend you try out lots of new clubs, it gives you confidence and responsibility”.

“I was really scared and felt anxious that I would not know anyone but I made two new friends immediately”.

“I felt mixed feelings about coming to secondary school, worried and excited at the same time, but once I got here and settled into my form group I feel like I have been here for ages now.  I thought I would get lost but everyone helps you out”.

At the very start of term you will have a reduced homework timetable to help you get into new routines with your work. Your tutors, Head of Year and other staff are here to ensure it all goes smoothly and before you know it, you’ll have grown in confidence and will hopefully be loving life in a new school.