Rewards & Consequences

At The Priory School we like to take every opportunity to celebrate students’ good performance and kind deeds with our rewards system.  You can earn reward points for producing some great work or for being kind and helpful. As the weeks pass and you collect more and more reward points, then you can either spend them in our on-line rewards shop on useful things like pens, pencils, rulers, calculators and pencil cases etc, or save them up and get a big reward like footballs, basketballs or power banks. These rewards are for you, not for your table or form group, just for you, to celebrate your hard work and for being a valued part of our school community. There are also opportunities to gain Head Teacher’s Commendations for outstanding work in and out of school.

At The Priory School we prefer to concentrate on rewarding good behaviour but we are also quick to deal with behaviour which is not conducive to the positive learning community we wish to create.   We operate a consequence system which is consistent and fair to all.  If you misbehave you will receive a verbal warning but if the negative behaviour continues you may then receive a C1 – a formal warning which will be logged onto the school database system.  If you receive 2 or more C1s in the same day then this will result in a C2 and an afterschool detention and parents/carers will be informed via InTouch.  For the most serious breaches of the school behaviour policy the school reserves the right to use internal or external exclusions and parents/carers will be informed.