Top Tips From Current Y7s

  • “Never be afraid to ask the teachers for help, they are lovely and all here to help.”
  • “Plan your route to school over the summer holidays so you know how long it will take you to get to school so you won’t be late.”
  • “Do your homework on the night it is set if you can, then it’s done.  Be organised and use your homework diary.”
  • “Don’t panic, and pack your bag the night before each day so you have all the books and things you need and you are not in a rush in the morning.”
  • “Be yourself, be confident and if you have a problem just ask the teachers for help.”
  • “Work hard, it does pay off and you get loads of reward points.”
  • “Don’t feel pressure to fit in, just be yourself.  There are so many clubs and things to do, there is something for everyone.”