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Here at The Priory School we are keen to cultivate the emotional, physical and cognitive development of our students. This work pervades all areas of the community from the delivery of the curriculum to the support the year teams provide.

Year Groups

Each year group has a team consisting of form tutors and year head. This team moves with the student from Y7 to Y11 allowing time for the building of relationships and trust. In addition, there are non-teaching pastoral staff: Julie Laycock (wellbeing), Sam Brazier (attendance & behaviour) (KS4) and Sharon Brown (KS5). The team tracks the academic progress of each student and liases with the Head of Pastoral (Lawrence Foster) and Head of Student Wellbeing (Katie Southall) as well as the Heads of Department, in order to ensure that appropriate interventions are in place to support our students.

The team closely monitors and supports the emotional wellbeing of the students in their year group.

Emotional and Physical Wellbeing Surveys

All Y7 and Y10 students currently complete an annual Wellbeing Survey. The survey is composed of questions which have been discussed, modified and agreed at our Student Leadership Committee. Results of these surveys are closely analysed in order to ensure that students are receiving the support that they need as well as whole school issues are being addressed.

Support and Information

In order to complement the work of our pastoral teams, 2 counsellors attend school each week and are on hand to confidentially discuss issues that are concerning students. This has been invaluable and has enabled students to worry less and so engage with their learning. In the pastoral; base there is a student leaflet section for students to collect useful literature relating to wellbeing and mental health. In addition to this, there are notice boards in both boys and girls toilets listing web-sites and telephone numbers of services which offer advice and support.

Our mentoring programme also enhances our support for the young people in our care. We utilize services such as Phase, Step 2 and Tilehouse Counselling to name a few.

Students also receive assemblies and form time sessions around wellbeing and mental health. For the second year running, we have a cohort of students training to become qualified “Youth Health Champions”. Annually, we run a wellbeing conference for our main feeder primary schools and we have events such as wellbeing week, feeling good week and a mental health awareness fair.

Staff also receive training in LGBT+ support and self-harm awareness. This year, 15 members of our pastoral staff will complete Mental Health First Aid training.

For more information and support, please see the full list of websites and material detailed below.

Our mentoring programme also enhances our support for the young people in our care.


Citizenship (delivered during form time) incorporates PSHE into its programme. (See curriculum page). Y9 also have a sex education day.

If you would like more information on our SPD programme please contact Faye Nearney at school.