Chromebook Blended Learning

Students Using Chromebooks

Our Blended Learning approach combines online educational materials and opportunities with traditional teaching methods.

Over the next few years our aim is that every student at The Priory School will have access to their own Chromebook. We want to help build their digital resilience to enable them to learn independently, creatively, collaboratively and to communicate anywhere at any time.

Students learn in many different ways at both home and school. Embracing the use of technology allows learning to be increasingly engaging. Students will be able to take responsibility for their own learning, allowing the school to extend education far beyond the four walls of the classroom.

In September 2020 we launched Blended Learning to Year 7, followed by Year 11 shortly afterwards. In January 2021 we aim to launch Blended Learning to Year 9 and in September 2021, new Year 7, 9 and 11 will be invited to take part in the scheme.

As part of the scheme, each student will receive: 

  • A Chromebook device 
  • Durable and highly protective case 
  • Warranty cover and insurance cover for damage and theft 
  • Bundle of apps for use in school and at home 
  • Quality online filtering both in school and at home 
  • Technical support 
  • Student and parent training

The scheme is voluntary, but, by keeping costs to a minimum, and offering a number of different financial options, it is our expectation that every student will buy into the scheme. Special provision will be made for those who choose not to join it to ensure no-one is disadvantaged. Our parents have been very supportive of the program, 99.6% of Year 7s signed up to owning their own Chromebook in our first year.

The Priory School teaching staff are committed to developing opportunities to engage with new technologies so that devices support learning. Over the last 3 years our staff have taken part in professional development and training to embed opportunities for learning with Chromebooks and to develop their use of the G Suite for Education apps.

How will the device be used in the classroom? 

The Chromebook will be a tool to support and enhance learning and promote creativity such as accessing Google documents and recording visual elements of learning such as role play or experiments. We seek to equip all our students with the necessary skills and modes of thinking so that they will succeed in a constantly changing society.

Will students still use pen and paper? 

As they progress through the school, students will still be expected to write in lessons and we will continue to promote the development of ‘writing stamina’ to support internal and external exams. Students will be writing notes on paper, practising their handwriting, and will be expected to bring black pens and their other stationery to school.

New Year 7

Students starting at The Priory School will be sent a Blended Learning Parent Pack alongside the other transition information. This pack contains everything you need to know about the Chromebook Scheme and instructions on how to sign up. You can view a previous parent pack below. 

Chromebook Parent Pack