Classroom protocols September 2020

The classroom:

  • All classroom doors are to be kept open, wedges will be provided
  • The climate control units are able to be used to control the temperature (these do not recycle air, they draw air from outside)
  • All desks and chairs should be arranged in a traditional teaching format, all desks should be in rows facing the front
  • A ‘teaching zone’ of approximately 2 meters has been defined with ‘hazard tape’ at the front of classrooms
  • All classrooms used for Key Stage 3 teaching have had desktop computers installed, this is to avoid carrying a laptop around
  • Hand sanitiser has been placed in or just outside each classroom. A pack of wipes, a box of tissues and a greater number of bins are also in each classroom
  • Each classroom will display COVID-19 information posters and classroom protocols


Before the lesson:

  • Students will line up outside (weather permitting) and staff will collect them from the allocated zones (Year 7 – Outside Science, Year 8 – Quad and Year 9 – Muga)
  • Students should sanitize their hands upon entry to the classroom
  • Where possible, ensure there is an engaging activity prepared (either on the board or distributed before the lesson starts) to encourage students to be active upon their arrival whilst they are waiting for their peers to sanitize their hands
  • Once you have collected your class please be at the door greeting students and ensuring they sanitise their hands


During the lesson:

  • Each Key Stage 3 classroom will be equipped with basic stationary for students. This is to be shared only between the two students on each desk
  • No other sharing of pens or other like equipment should take place
  • Students should be allocated the same chair & table for all lessons (KS3), Form Tutors will create seating plans for KS3 on Mint Class, these can be shared
  • Try to rely upon digital resources, printed resources can be used but try to keep these to a minimum. When used, they should be handed out and not returned to the teacher
  • Textbooks can be used but where possible they are not to be shared. When textbooks are used students will need to wipe them down (outer cover)
  • Paired and group work should be kept to a minimum to limit the movement around the classroom.
  • Marking will still take place but where possible, staff should aim to do their marking and give feedback in school to avoid having to take books into their home
  • Yellow sheets should still be used as should tracker sheets at the front of books – these remain an expectation of any quality assurance that takes place
  • Department on call will not take place but for extreme behaviours there will be Senior Support, this will mainly focus on returning students to their class.
  • TAs will still be allocated to students/classes and will interact with students ‘as normal’


At the end of the lesson:

  • Where students are moving around the site (Key Stage 4 & 5) lessons should finish 5 minutes early to ensure hygiene measures have taken place, these include sanitising of hands and the wiping of any equipment which is to be shared (tables, chairs, books, computers etc).
  • Staff should see the class out and wait at their door to ensure that students are distancing and moving on to their destination
  • Students should leave the class with an appropriate distance between them and move quickly, quietly and sensibly to wherever they are heading next
  • Key Stage 3 classes should be escorted to their allocated zones and left to wait for their next teacher (Year 7 – Outside Science, Year 8 – Quad and Year 9 – Muga)

Both masks and face shields are available for all staff; wearing them is at your own discretion.