Collecting for Calais

On the 4th October 2015 The Priory School hosted a fantastic charity event: Collecting for Calais. Organised by Felix from Farley’s hairdressers, it was a joint effort by The Priory School students, parents and staff as well as the Hitchin community. It was heart-warming to see the community pull together to help those in need and make their lives better. We collected 18 vans full of stuff: camping equipment, toiletries, shoes and clothes, baby equipment, books, toys and more. We also donated a large amount of food to the local Food Bank. It was remarkable to see the Hitchin community get together and make a difference. A MASSIVE thank you to all involved, especially our fantastic students:

Noah Allan 7NW, Josh Warwick 8VM, Ella Watson 8GG, Nathan Jennings 8VM, Bethany Woodhouse 8GG ,Tamzin Antony 9SO, Hannah Brickett 9CN, Stan Taunt 9CN, Amy Warren 10LP, Kerry Higginbothom 10MH, Kaitlin Pope 10DM, Daisy Stewart 11RC, Grace Goodwin 11TC, Charlotte Crabtree 11EG, Freya Gillard11EG, Abbi Burrows 11EG, Esta Norton 11CH, Kara-Mae Burt 11EG, Sam Challis 11EG, Aby Ladyman 11BS, Natasha Antony 11BS, Praveena Benedick 11RC, Ciara Hughes LJ, Caitlin Yap-Young LE, Kristina Tyrtania RF, Liam Brennan JH