Foundation Status

Following on from a full stakeholder consultation (8th May  to 17th June) regarding the proposal to convert The Priory  from a Community to a Foundation School, the Governing Board met on the 21st June to review the feedback from stakeholders.  The Governing Board of The Priory School unanimously agreed to convert from a Community to a Foundation School.

The rationale behind the decision made was;

  1. Foundation Status will give the school greater opportunities to use the resources of the school to raise the progress and attainment of students.
  2. The Governing Board would have greater freedom to shape the overall strategic direction of the school for the future.
  3. As a Foundation School, it would have exempt charity status and therefore, would have greater freedom to seek funding from other sources and to form partnerships to support the school’s improvement agenda.

The implementation date of this change of school status will be 14th July 2016.

Geraint Edwards

[download_link link=”/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Letter_to_Parents_re_Conversion_to_Foundation_School__Status.pdf” target=”blank”]Official Letter Download[/download_link]