GCSE Results

New GCSE’s, the increased rigour of the linear exams and the 1-9 grading for English and maths saw a definite nervous tension in the air as Priory School student came to pick up their results. However, within moments of opening their envelops there were plenty of smiles at the school today, where students were in a celebratory mood with another set of excellent examination results.

There were some notable results this year; Freya Brawn with 3 grade 9, 8 A* and 1 A, Daisy Doyle with 1 grade 9, 2 grade 8, 5 A*, 2 A and 1 B, Ronan Riggs with 1 grade 9, 2 grade 8, 4 A*, 3 A and 1 B, Beth James with 2 grade 9, 1 grade 8, 3 A*, 3 A and 1 B, Sian Lawrence with 2 grade 8, 1 grade 7, 5 A*, 3 A and 1 B, Jacques Du Toit with 1 grade 9, 2 grade 7, 3 A*, 5 A and 1 B.

Quote from the Headteacher

“It is a testament to the hard work of our students along with the excellence of their teachers and the great support they receive at home.  We want to congratulate all of them on their individual successes and look forward to a significant number of them returning to our 6th Form in September.  These young people have a lot to be proud of.”