It’s All About You

On the 19th of July, with help of TPS staff, the 5 Ways to Wellbeing Toolkit and Kieran Murphy from Phase, I was able to put on a day that called ‘It’s all about you’. The purpose of the day was to get our Year 9s to think about different ways that they can look after their wellbeing in preparation for their GCSEs and their future.

Prevention is better than cure so we put together a variety of activities that focussed on different methods to aid wellbeing. They had: a talk from Kieran Murphy for a youth Charity called Phase, he spoke about what wellbeing means and put it into context for them; a physical activity, looking at the benefits of walking and being aware of your surroundings; a nutrition session looking at sugar, its affects and how much is in everyday products; a session on preparing for KS4, looking at the future and the importance of planning to reduce stress; a mindfulness session, students got to relax and take part in a mini meditation; a session on Teen Yoga and how Yoga can aid stress relief and sleep and finally a team building activity which asked them to think about the importance of communication and working with others.

In addition we also had a visit from Sammy the Dog from the Charity Guide Dog’s Association. Students had already raised money but continued to do so on the day by donating to spend time with Sammy, petting him and playing with him. Each student also received a leaflet and pen from the 5 Ways to Wellbeing charity to support with thinking about their wellbeing going forward.

The students were fantastic and gave the activities ago. They did themselves and us proud.

From Miss Mulholland