Student Leadership Committee

At The Priory School we are proud of how active our Student Leadership Committee is. The committee is led by our fantastic Senior Leadership Committee (Head boy, Veer Thandi; Head girl, Lillian Hubbard Sawyer; Deputy head boys, Zac Cash and Charlie Preston; and Deputy head girl, Ruby Boast). For this academic year they will be overseeing the entire committee along with the support of Sixth Form prefects. We are looking forward to working together over the coming months!

Our Student Leadership Committee has had an impressive impact over the last few years. They have been involved in the following changes:

  1. A new rewards system
  2. A change to the school uniform
  3. A review of the school vision
  4. A change to the café menu
  5. An upgrade to toilet facilities

Over the next year, the SLC will have a particular focus for each term:

  • Autumn Term Focus: Community Project Work
  • Spring Term Focus: Charity
  • Summer Term Focus: Our School Environment

This term we will be changing the way in which students can apply to be part of the SLC.

  • In order to be a permanent part of the Student Leadership Committee we ask that students produce an application stating why they think they would be a good candidate for such a coveted position. The Senior Leadership Committee, along with support from key members of staff, then shortlist the candidates. Once the Key Stage committees have been established, we vote on a Key Stage senior representative. That student then represents the views of their respective Key Stage and will attend all senior meetings with the SLT as well as the governing board.
  • If students would like to be part of the SLC for just a term, then we will be asking for staff nominations from form tutors. Those students who would like to be involved in one of the term-focused projects will put their name forward via their form tutor and continue to attend meetings as normal. However, once the term project has ceased then those students would hand over their place to another student for the subsequent term. If a student would like to carry on, then they would need to submit an application through the formal application process.

We look forward to another successful year and look forward to welcoming our new members this month.