TPS Update 14/09/20

Dear Parents / Carers

Most of you will be aware that Hitchin Boys’ School has been closed today due to a confirmed case of COVID-19 but will be reopening for all students tomorrow. The three secondary school Headteachers in Hitchin have a very close working relationship and we have been in regular contact over the weekend. Mr Moane and his leadership team have had a challenging couple of days and I would like to thank them publicly as the Headteacher of The Priory School and as a local resident for their dedication and professionalism.

In light of the confirmed case at Hitchin Boys’ School, we have reviewed our risk management procedures and have introduced the following measures from today:

1. Members of staff will wear face coverings in all corridors, inside communal areas and where 2-metre distancing in work rooms or offices cannot be maintained.

2. 6th Form students will wear face coverings in all corridors, inside communal areas and where 2-metre distancing in study rooms cannot be maintained. Face coverings do not need to be worn in lessons but students may do so if they wish.

From Wednesday 16th September the following risk management procedures will be introduced for Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 students:

1. All students must bring to school a face covering and an individual sealable plastic bag to store this in when it is not being used.

2. Students will need to wear their face covering in the following areas:

 When entering the school;
 When moving between lessons either inside or outside;
 When lining up to enter a lesson;
 When lining up for food in the Café;
 When leaving the school site.

3. Students are not required to wear a face covering in lessons but may choose to do so. At the end of each lesson students will place their face coverings on before moving on to the next phase of their day.

4. Face coverings will not need to be worn during break and lunchtime when the students are outside.

Following is a link to government guidance on face coverings including how to wear, remove and store one:

If your child is unable to wear a face covering due to a medical condition, please contact the Pastoral or Learning Support department.

We are currently reviewing our arrangements for PE and the use of changing rooms and whether students should come to school in their PE kit. We will notify you of any changes to our PE arrangements once we have explored all options.

Thank you for your continued support.

Kind regards

Geraint Edwards