Year 11 leavers

On Friday 15th May Year 11 start differentiated study leave. If students are yet to sit their exam then they will be asked to return to school to attend their lessons as normal.

This is a momentous occasion for Year 11 and the many members of staff who have played a part in helping them get to such a pivotal point in their education career. I am sure that as Year 11 students and the Year 11 team prepare to say goodbye and reminisce over what has been a fantastic 5 years, there will be much laughter, many tears and lots of stories shared. As a school, we are immensely proud of our Year 11’s who have worked exceptionally hard in not only the build up to their exams, but throughout the last 5 years. They have been a joy to teach, a pleasure to work with and it has been a privilege to watch the grown into the mature young adults we see today. We wish them every success in the future whether that is 6th form, college or further training.

Well done Year 11, you have made us very proud.