Skill Performance  I am able to perform skills to a basic level. I demonstrate minimal control and quality.I can perform some techniques specific to the activity. I occasionally show some quality and control.  I can correctly demonstrate skills specific to the activity. I can link skills accurately. I perform skills with control in practice situations.I can select and combine skills specific to the activity. I consistently demonstrate control in practice situations and game situations.I am able to adapt skills to best suit the situation. I show control and quality of movement in both competitive and practice situations. I demonstrate effective techniques with occasional errors.I can perform advanced skills effectively with few errors. My performance shows control despite the circumstances. I can select, combine and adapt skills in a competitive activity producing an excellent performance.  
Tactics and Strategies  I recognise simple tactics and strategies including attacking and defensive strategies. I can make basic decisions in a practice situation.I can describe simple tactics and strategies including attacking and defensive strategies. I can respond to simple situations in practice or conditioned games.I can select simple tactics and strategies and apply them to practice and conditioned game situations. I can make decisions in small sided games.I can demonstrate tactics and strategies through applying them successfully to practice and game situations. I have a sound understanding of sport specific strategies and tactics.I can modify both individual and team tactics and strategies to effectively suit the situation. I can review the effectiveness of tactics independently. My decisions influence gameplay.  I can influence a game or competitive situation through the selection and application of an effective tactic or strategy. My decisions are autonomous and varied. My tactics influence and control the opposition.
Performance Analysis  I can rate my own and others’ performance of simple skills. I can identifying simple strengths and weaknesses of my own and others’ performances.I can describe my own and others’ performance of simple skills. I can describe basic strengths or weaknesses of performance.I can identify an individual skill that requires improvement or development.  I can identify what part of a team performance requires improvement or development.I can explain why an individual skill requires improvement. I can explain why a team performance requires development. I can give basic suggestions of how I would go about developing performance.I am able to modify performance through using accurate and effective feedback. I am able to apply feedback to improve performance in a competitive or full game situation.I am able to analyse and justify the strengths and weaknesses of my own and others’ performances. I am able to provide accurate feedback that will influence future performance. I have an excellent knowledge and understanding of skills, rules and tactical awareness.
Leadership  I can help set up activities. I can demonstrate basic communication skills. I can listen and follow ideas of others in group activities.I can assist in the running of a session. I can officiate small sided game situations and/or practices. I am able to share my ideas to contribute to group activities.I can lead small groups for a short duration, for example, a warm up. I can create a basic session plan with others. I show good organisational and communication skills.  I am a confident official displaying a sound understanding of the rules. I can provide my peers with clear and accurate feedback. I can structure and produce a basic session plan.  I can confidently lead, officiate and coach my peers. I can confidently plan and lead large groups of my peers. I demonstrate excellent communication skills. I demonstrate resilience regularly.I lead and officiate with knowledge, confidence, organisation and excellent communication. I can adapt my session to changing situations.  I can critically review my performance. I demonstrate resilience in all situations.