Covid-19 Vaccinations

Dear Parent / Carer

Covid-19 vaccinations

Many of you will be aware that following the advice of the Chief Medical Officers for the UK, the Government has agreed to roll out a Covid-19 vaccination programme for young people aged 12 to 15. In light of this we have been contacted by the School Aged Immunisation Service (Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust) who have informed us that they will be in school on Monday 4th October.

Key points

  1. The vaccination programme will involve over 800 students so there will be significant disruption to the school day.
  2. The school will be providing the facilities and pastoral support on the day as we do with any other public health vaccination programme.
  3. The vaccination will be given by very experienced immunisation nurses from the School Aged Immunisation Team.
  4. Accompanying this letter are two other letters that you should read in full.
  5. Letter 1 is from Professor Jim McManus (Director of Public Health) & Jo Fisher (Director of Children’s Services). This letter directs you to information for parents and carers about the Covid-19 vaccination programme and also to where you can read about the recommendation from the Chief Medical Officers and the reasons for it. There is also a link to a guide specifically for 12-17 year old children and to several other useful sources of information on vaccination and consent.
  6. Letter 2 is from the School Aged Immunisation Service. It is extremely important that you read this letter as a response is required. The letter includes a link to an online Covid consent form and the unique code required. It also states that the form must be completed by 12pm on Sunday 3rd October.

Issue of consent

There has been much debate in the national press about the issue of consent. The decision about consent is between parents and their children. The school is neutral on this issue and any concerns need to be addressed to the School Aged Immunisation Service (; 01727 732062).

The school is unable to give advice about whether or not a young person should be vaccinated and anyone that contacts the school in this respect will be asked to contact the School Aged Immunisation Service directly.

Kind regards

Geraint Edwards

Letter 1

Letter 2