Letter from Mr Edwards (01/10/21)

Dear Parent / Carer

Anti-vaccine protestors

As many of you will be aware, this afternoon we had a group of anti-vaccine protestors outside the school site and along the road to the BP garage. Myself and members of my leadership team were out on duty throughout to ensure the safeguarding of our students as they left the school site.

I spoke to the protestors’ spokesperson directly to ensure they understood we were there to ensure the safety of our students. What I wanted to avoid was exacerbating the situation, which would have given greater publicity to this group and potentially caused unnecessary distress to my students.

The protestors did hand out leaflets and talk to some students. We were monitoring this carefully and checked with a number of students what had been said to them and provided reassurance where necessary. Some students may want to have a discussion with you regarding what they were told or what they have read. I would encourage you to do this to ensure that any misconceptions are cleared up. The students were a credit to the school, being polite and courteous.

Such protests have been happening throughout Hertfordshire and this information is shared centrally with the relevant authorities. We have our vaccination day on Monday where COVID marshals will be deployed.

Thank you for your understanding.

Take care,

Geraint Edwards