Letter from Mr Edwards (04/10/21)

Dear Parent / Carer

COVID vaccinations Monday 4th October

I would like to thank the many parents who contacted the school on Friday afternoon and over the weekend regarding the actions of the anti-vaccination protestors; your support is much appreciated. All secondary schools have been allocated COVID marshals for the actual vaccination day. The marshals are fully vetted and contracted by Hertfordshire County Council and their role is to support the schools and NHS staff. There were no anti-vaccination protesters at the school site today.

I would like to say a huge thank you to the School Aged Immunisation Team for their excellent work today. As previously stated in my letter dated 29th September, this team faces a number of logistical challenges. The aim was to vaccinate all those who had been given consent today. However, this was not possible and a small number of students in the lower school (Year 8 and Year 7) were not offered the vaccine today due to running out of time. If this included your child, we will let you know where they can get the vaccine instead just as soon as we are made aware; the decision on the ‘vaccine mop-up strategy’ is still being discussed.

Kind regards,

Geraint Edwards