Young Enterprise Update

On April 27th our Young Enterprise team “Unbranded” attended the county final. At the area final, they won “Best Trade Stand”, “Best Presentation” and “Company of the Year”, so we were hoping to replicate this success for a second time. Georgia Head (Managing Director) was not able to present at the award evening, due to drama commitments, so our Marketing Manager, Louis Brooker, had to take her place. Upon finding out that he would be the main presenter, he was understandably nervous and a little apprehensive. But he certainly, rose to the challenge and delivered a fantastic presentation. It was even commented how natural and confident the whole team were on stage.

Whilst they didn’t win the “Company of the Year” accolade for a second time, they did win the overall “Marketing” award and managed to sell a few more portable chargers over the course of the evening. The team are now gearing up to present at the business meeting for Tilehouse Rotary on Friday 5th May and they have a meeting with the RAF who has expressed an interest in using their product to support their ground personnel. The team also continue to discuss future ventures with Sony and EE! They are also now branching out to a clothing range and have started to sell t-shirts and badges with their logo.

Keep up to date with “Unbranded” and buy one of their chargers for yourself, by visiting their website or following them on twitter @unbranded_1